321 is a countdown to something people are anticipating. In the current era of “Fast Fashion” it is this sense of anticipation that sparks the people’s interest.

American Rag Cie owners and business partners, Mark Werts, Rudolph Faulcon, and Larry Russ have developed 321 as a means to inspire the future by way of the past. Years of buying, sorting, and selling vintage clothing has fed this inspiration.

With an elevated eye and a well-defined sense of style, Mark Werts has teamed up with head stylist and industry guru Alfredo Settimio to create something cohesive across all seasons. Alfredo has applied a cutting-edge knowledge of fabrics, patterns, and washes to a core foundation of technical basics.

It is the American Rag Cie “Library”, containing nearly 4,000 pieces of vintage clothing, which has inspired many of our “Fashion Pieces”. We believe these Fashion Pieces are a major part of the 321 identity.

It is our mission to continue to develop the culture of 321 by innovating product for the elevated wardrobe that embodies the spirit of past eras. In doing so, we hope 321 will continue to thrive in anticipation.