321 recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Nick Young's "Most Hated" label for LA's own American Rag Cie.


Our Vintage Fit Oversize Sweatshirt was the foundation of the collaboration. The hoodie itself is an oversized fit, with expanded ribbing on the cuffs and bottom of the sweatshirt, accompanied by a drop shoulder, extended sleeves, and oversized hood.

The collaboration piece features large gradient lightning bolts, with white trim on both sleeves, accompanied by the brand's signature "MOST HATED" script on the top of the hoodie. Seeing as this was a style Most Hated previously produced on Champion hoodies we felt like it was an opportunity to create more of a fashion piece within the Most Hated Pop-up collection.

We decided to add a subtle script on the front of the hoodie which reads "LA BREA Ave," keeping true to the identity of 321 being a product of the iconic American Rag Cie located on La Brea Ave.

This piece will be sold exclusively at American Rag Cie, in-store and online!


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